Will Laser Whitening Work For Really Dark Teeth?

Laser teeth whitening has become a popular treatment for whitening teeth because it is a safe and effective treatment that can be completed in under an hour. It is also one of the more durable treatments for whitening teeth and can last anywhere up to two years, depending upon your lifestyle and your type of teeth.  One of the questions that is often asked is will laser whitening work for really dark teeth.

The answer is that it will work and whitened your teeth. Depending on how darkly stained your teeth are you may find it doesn’t make your teeth blindingly white, but it will lighten them significantly and then you can undertake another treatment in twelve to twenty four months.  If you have darkly stained teeth then you need to visit one of our clinics where a helpful member of staff will discuss your specific case and be able to give you a much more detailed idea of how white your teeth will be after your laser teeth whitening treatment. The professional will be able to give you a detailed review of your teeth and tell you how effective the treatment will be.

You can assist the teeth whitening process and ensure your session lasts longer by cutting down on foods that stain or darken your teeth. These include things like coke, deep red wine, coffee, strong tea and many other dark coloured drinks as well as teeth staining foods like curry or foods containing excessive artificial colouring. In fact, after your teeth whitening session you will be advised to eat a “white diet” for two days. This is a diet without teeth staining foods in it so that your teeth do not get damaged whilst the micropores, which are opened during the treatment, close up again.

Typically you will not need another treatment to whiten your teeth for anywhere from twelve to twenty four months because the laser treatment is so effective. Obviously if you eat a diet heavy in teeth staining foods or smoke then you are likely to require your teeth whitening again sooner than someone who does not.  Laser whitening is very effective for really dark teeth and you will end up with much whiter teeth. Combine this with looking after your teeth and you will have a brilliant white, long lasting smile that you can truly be proud of.


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