Why Hollywood Smiles So Much

Why Hollywood Smiles So Much

Unless you live in a cave it would not have passed you by that everyone on our TV screens have glowing white teeth and therefore we all strive the same.

The same motivation goes for just about everything health, fitness and fashion but teeth whitening has been more of a recent addition to the party!

The difference between teeth whitening and veneers

Many of the rich and famous would have opted for veneers and they do not require so much maintenance as natural teeth as they are not absorbent and will not need to whitened. When money is not a problem then veneers are a sensible choice but for many the fear of seeing their dentist to have veneers fitted is not a option and therefore teeth whitening becomes the only choice.

If you are in the public eye then the cameras will likely to pick up every flaw including stained and yellow teeth. Having a  routine either for laser teeth whitening or using the bleaching trays every few months is probably the only way a high profile celebrity can maintain a white smile.

Like exercising regularly you will need to incorporate this in to your day to day schedule an ensure every few weeks the teeth are whitened and if you stay on top of the staining by removing more and than you are absorbing back in to the teeth then you can achieve a Hollywood smile to be proud of!

L.A.Teeth Whitening are one of very few companies who offer customers a free home maintenance kit which ensures the teeth stay white for longer after the laser teeth whitening treatment.

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