Whitening The Natural Smile Way

Natural Smile Teeth Whitening Result

The song lyrics for “When You’re Smiling” may have been written nearly 85 years ago, but the second line “The whole world smiles with you,” still holds true today. There is nothing more infectious than a smile. If you see someone smile you want to smile right back. When you see someone smile and their teeth are sparkling white you wish your smile was the same.

If you have always wanted that perfect white smile, but have always been scared off by the use of unnatural products or procedures, then we can allay those fears. We can guarantee you totally natural teeth whitening results. We have specialist’s trained specifically to use a natural procedure and get you that much sought after perfect white smile

There are two facts-of-life when it comes to teeth.

1. Teeth naturally get darker as you get older, despite the best hygiene regimes.

2. Some people are just born with non-white teeth.

However, neither of these facts are insurmountable. The build-up of discolouration happens over many years. Those who enjoy cigarettes exasperate the problem, as they allow the impurities in the smoke to pass over their teeth continually. What we eat and drink also effects how our teeth look. If you think of this discolouration as a layer of film over your teeth, with expert help it can be removed quite easily. Just as a warning though, particularly badly discoloured teeth can take more than one session to remove. For those whose teeth are naturally yellow or off-white, all is not lost, it is still possible to whiten your teeth, using the same natural whitening treatment.

A point to be considered before undergoing the treatment is the matching of your fillings, caps, veneers and crowns. They will only ever be as white as the day they were initially fitted. If you currently need any of these treatments and are considering having your teeth whitened, wait until after you have had your teeth naturally whitened, it is easier to match the colour of them to your teeth, as you will not match the whitened teeth to them.


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