White Smile for Improved Self Confidence

Smiling and revealing beautiful white teeth is not just for the very rich and famous as everyone can have a great smile with laser teeth whitening.

Staining of the teeth will happen to all of us but this change happens very slowly and to the point we hardly ever notice this change to the colour of the teeth and then suddenly we recognise this change and wants to make them white again and this is where the laser teeth whitening system will help you.
Laser teeth whitening is very safe as the lips, gums and soft tissues within the mouth are all protected during the treatment and because the treatment time is an hour you do not have to wait ages for your new smile as the results are instant.

LA Teeth whitening have clinics all over the south of the UK
and this means you do not need to travel far for your appointment. On the day of the appointment we perform a consultation which involves us explaining the treatment and checking the colour of the vita shade guide. This then will give a visual indicator of how the teeth are likely to look after the laser teeth whitening treatment.

Call us today on 03300102065 for a consultation.

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