The teeth whitening industry is a fast growing industry with more and more people recognizing the need for a whiter brighter smile. In the market today there are a large variety of products claiming to have teeth whitening abilities ranging from teeth whitening tooth pastes, kiosk whitening, take home trays as well as laser whitening. For fast and long lasting results however, laser whitening is preferred.

Laser whitening techniques, such as LA Teeth Whitening and plasma LED teeth whitening, provides customers with time effective and money saving solutions to their dull smile problem. Such techniques take up one and a half hours including pre and post consultation procedures as compared to the amount of time spent on ‘do it yourself’ methods such as take home trays. Results from laser whitening also last longer with one treatment lasting up to two years. This therefore saves you your much needed money.

After laser whitening, it is expected to experience short term mild sensitivity. The treatment is however not in any away harmful to your teeth or gums as your gums remain protected during the treatment.

With laser whitening, you have control over the level to which you want your teeth to whiten. Your dental hygiene and lifestyle determine the amount of staining on your teeth. For coffee, tea smoking and wine addicts, the degree of staining is greater therefore requires the whitening of your teeth to be of six to twelve shades above their current shade. This also applies to those who do not maintain proper dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth and flossing help to reduce staining by removing food particles that lead to staining. The whitening of crowns however is determined by their original colour.

Laser whitening is therefore the better option when it comes to teeth whitening. You however have to couple it with proper dental hygiene in order to maintain that healthy white bright smile.

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