What are the Whitening Options Available in Berkshire?

What are the Whitening Options Available in Berkshire?

Everyone wants gleaming white teeth, but there are times when teeth become discolored and stained. Unfortunately, this is caused by things we consume every day like berries or coffee. It is however not to say that you have to live with a dull smile as whitening can get the teeth back in their ideal form. There are numerous options that work, including laser, gels, trays, and strips, where a person can choose the one that suits them best. Picking the right method is vital as each technique is different in a variety of ways other than cost, as extensive as they are. Below you will get a deeper insight of some of the whitening methods to pick from.

Using trays for whitening
A majority of individuals are not willing to spend a fortune on whitening even though they would love whiter teeth. Tray whitening, a home remedy, offers a cost-effective solution where you do not have to book an appointment with your dentist as you can easily do it on your own. Keep in mind that it may take longer to see results when compared with expert treatment. They are simple to use and all you have to is:

I. Use hot water to heat the mould
II. Put it in your mouth, biting it down in a way that your teeth’s impressions are made on it
III. Remove the mould from your mouth and apply the gel, before putting it back.
IV. Let the mould remain in the mouth for as long as you can- Duration usually depends on the type of gel.

• Affordable
• Can be used easily at home

• It takes about a week longer to see results when compared to expert treatment.

Using strips for whitening
The method is ideal for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth for the first time and want to see what the results may look like. It is considered the simplest and most affordable option of the three. Instructions for use are explained below.

I. Apply the gelled side of the strips on the bottom and top of your teeth.
II. Leave them on for the recommended time
III. Remove all the strips

• Inexpensive
• Simplest to use

• Takes a long time- approximately two weeks
• The strips may need a lot of adjusting from time to time as they can easily fall off your teeth.

Using laser for whitening
Despite the availability of home remedies for whitening, some people feel content and happy with a professional handling the process. There are numerous clinics all over Berkshire that provide this service. The laser is a fast technique used for whitening whose popularity is increasing as the days go by. To benefit from this:

I. The patients mouth is first cleaned
II. Whitening gel is used to cover the teeth
III. The energy of the laser “activates” the gel and within an hour you will see results

• You will not need any anesthetic
• Done by an expert
• Very speedy method done within 60 minutes

• Costly compared to home kits
• Does not work for grey colored teeth

Invaluable tips to remember
• Strips are recommended for first time whitening as they are easy to use and affordable. However, do not expect drastic results like with other costly methods.
• Laser whitening is perfect for anyone who is willing to invest their money as it has a drastic enhancement and is very fast when compared home remedies.
• Always consult a professional dentist before whitening your teeth as there are some methods that could cause further damage.
• Depending on what you consume and the technique used, the shade lasts for around six weeks.
• Different whitening techniques produce different results at different rates.
• Shop around for the best teeth whitening offers and deals as there are some clinics that provide more affordable treatments than others.

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