Wellness is not just about looking good

Is life just about looks?

In the times in which we live, physical appearance seems to have taken on a primary importance. Obsession with celebrities, and our profiles on social media, means that we are often more concerned with appearance than anything else. Sometimes this leads us to reflect upon what this all means, and whether there is more to life than good looks. In reality, it is much better to have a balanced, healthy, lifestyle than to focus on looks alone. The irony of this is, having a balanced and healthy life will actually improve the way that you look and how you feel about yourself! Having a better self image will make you smile more, improve your posture, and become a social person who other people like to spend time with.


The most important part of having a balanced, healthy, lifestyle is having a good diet. This does not mean following the latest fad, or diet fashion, but eating in a healthy way and cutting out foods that are bad for you. This means eating more fresh and healthy foods, such as fruit and vegetables and more lean proteins, such as fish. It is also means preparing food yourself rather than processed foods or takeaways. The odd treat is good for you, but try to cut out crisps, fast food and processed snacks.


Along with diet, it is very important that you undertake regular exercise. Cardio-vascular exercise, such as walking or running, is the best way to look after your heart and lungs. It is also a good way of maintaining weight. If you combine cardio-vascular exercise, such as swimming, with some light muscle training exercise, such as weights, it can be a very effective way of maintaining joint fitness.


It is a fact that as we get older we reduce the number of friends in our social circle. However, friends are one of the most important ways of living a balanced and healthy life. A true friend can listen to your problems and help you to solve them. Friends can also help you celebrate the most important milestones of your life.

Turning off

Using your smart-phone or tablet to find out what is happening, or to stay in touch with the latest gossip, may be compelling, but it is equally important to turn those devices off sometimes and spend time with those you love, or just experiencing the world around you. Why not make a time in the evening after which you will not use electronic devices? You will sleep so much better at night-time.