Top Up Your Smile From LA Teeth Whitening for Just £89.00


Affordable teeth whitening!
Once you have had the initial treatment all future laser teeth whitening treatments are just £89.00 making it easy and affordable to keep your amazing smile.
Typically laser whitening will last around 18 months on average and LA Teeth offer this great offer for £89.00 whitening for life!

One of the big questions we get asked is how long does laser whitening last? and how often can you have another treatment.

Laser teeth whitening does not damage the teeth in any way so you can have it done as often as you like, but we normally recommend every 12-24 months as this will maintain the tooth’s white colour.


What do I get for £89.00?

Existing customers do not need a through consultation like new customers and therefore we perform 2 x 13 minute applications with the laser light which will re-whiten the teeth and remove any re-staining since the last time you had them whitened.


How Do I book an appointment?

Ring on 03300102065 for an appointment
LA Teeth whitening – helping you get and then keep whiter teeth for life!