The Importance of Keeping Your Gums Healthy

Dentists often send home instructions that include advising patients to brush their teeth twice a day, maintaining a daily flossing regimen, and avoiding excessive amounts of sugar. Yet, patients are never truly warned of how to keep their gums healthy in between appointments. In addition, many patients do not know how serious it is to make the effort to keep their gums healthy.

Actually, if untreated, unhealthy gums can cause the onset of severe gum disease. Gum disease occurs as a result of poor dental hygiene and can cause bad breath and severe gum pain. It can also aide in encouraging tooth loss and generating abscesses. Although gum disease is the most developed form of gum neglect, excess sugar, poor diet, and the lack of essential vitamins can speed up it’s onset. In fact, this disease is so serious that pregnant women could experience pre-term labor as a result of poor gum health. Therefore, they are advised to get their teeth cleaned at least once while pregnant. Gum disease is also known to raise the risk of developing other serious diseases/health issues, such as experiencing a heart attack or stroke, developing diabetes, and developing osteoporosis.

While many patients may understand the importance of gum health, they do not know how to tell if their gums are in jeopardy of progressing into this painful disease. Essentially, if a patient’s gums are hurting, they should seek dental care immediately. In general, the color of a patient’s gums can help to differentiate between healthy gums vs unhealthy gums. Gums that are red, swollen, and/or bleeding can signal the potential onset of more serious health issues. In addition, patients can also determine if their gums are healthy by acknowledging the color of the gums directly around the teeth.. This area should look pink, scalloped, and should sport a minor indentation. Looking for these characteristics can help individual’s to differentiate between healthy gums vs unhealthy gums.

Although general dental hygiene that involves the direct care of one’s teeth is crucial, patients must not overlook the need to maintain good gum health, as well. Lack of gum care can lead to many other serious health issues and can cause patients excessive pain and discomfort.

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