Teeth Whitening With Receding Gums

As we age the gums sometimes recede and this sometimes can make the tooth more sensitive to everyday things like cold and hot drinks or the cold air but will laser teeth whitening we can still whiten the teeth of someone with receding gums without any harm or discomfort.
Before the gel and laser light is applied we protect the gums as they meet the teeth with a gel which forms to a plastic barrier and this protects the gums and soft tissues whilst the treatment is being undertaken.
When applying this protective gel we cover the part of tooth which has the eroded gum to keep it safe.
Once the gum dam is removed then the main body of the teeth will whiter than the part of the tooth near the receding gum area but with the use of the FREE home kit this will gently whiten this area over a period of time without compromising any discomfort to the tooth.

We have been treating customers with receding gums for many years and this is tried and tested solution that our customers are happy with and understand.

So if you are worries about having laser teeth whitening and you have receding gums then with LA Teeth whitening we have a tested and ideal solution.
Call us on 03300102065 for more information or to make an appointment for your new Smile! 

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