Teeth whitening techniques – Laser teeth whitening

laser whitening smileTeeth whitening techniques – Laser teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is fast becoming very popular and many people are having their teeth whitened to improve their smile, give their self-confidence a well deserved boost. The process is fast and effective making Laser teeth whitening an appealing option for those who have yellow or stained teeth.

What Causes Stains?

There are a lot of foods and drinks that can cause stains.  Some just occur on the surface and others happen from deeper within the tooth structure which is known as intrinsic staining.  Sometimes your eating and drinking habits are just one of many factors. Your age will also play a role and as we grow older our teeth will absorb stains and darken over time.

Sometimes darker teeth are genetic. From a young age our tooth will have a natural tooth color and that will change from individual to individual. Many of us will have a mild yellow colouration while others take on duller grey colour and others more milky white.

laser teeth whitening is a quick solution for removing stubborn stains. LA TEETH can perform the procedure easily and effectively to reveal much brighter looking teeth.

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