Teeth Whitening Salon Opportunities

Laser teeth whitening is growing exponentially year on year for the last four years and now it is time for your business to profit by joining LA Teeth Whitening.

We are now looking to invite a small number of salons in selected areas to join us a business partnership and earn up to £22k per year.

In return for promoting LA Teeth on your premises to your customer, our Partners can receive up to £22k per year.

We pay you referral fees for people whose treatments  from their Salon and as a result of being able to offer the Laser teeth whitening treatments.

LA Teeth Whitening also introduce new clients to your salon when we have a booking in your local area, this then results in additional customer using your salon.


Generating New Clients for Your Business

If you start offering laser teeth whitening then you will start to get new enquiries from new customers, this in turn will generate more footfall to your business.

Promotional Partnerships

Most salons have large customer databases and LA Teeth Whitening will offer special promotional days and deals to attract existing clients back in to the salon meaning a better ongoing relationship with your customer and opportunity to contact them.

Why Wait – Act today

Call us today on 03300102065 before your competitor does!


LA Teeth whitening – laser teeth whitening that works!