Teeth whitening fillings crowns.

Crowns and fillings in teeth have become common place in the field of dentistry. Crown stain, like tooth stain, arises out of the consumption of different drinks and foods. Some water sources have high fluorine content that also causes staining in teeth over prolonged exposure. Whatever the cause of the staining, modern technology has allowed dentists to offer teeth whitening services that do not result in damage to the tooth or tooth structure.

The field of dentistry has developed in leaps and bounds over the past few years, and new technologies are leading the way. In teeth whitening specifically, there are several reliable teeth whitening methods available to patients. These can be broadly classified into office whitening and tray whitening. Over-the-counter whitening systems fall short because they do not typically produce the best results. Their results fall way short of customer expectations leading to dissatisfaction.

Tray whitening involves creating a custom tray from the patient’s impressions and filling it with some whitening gel. The patient will wear this for a predetermined period. The downside to this method is that it causes tooth sensitivity although it delivers the desired results, more often than not.

Office whitening involves the whitening of teeth in a single session with instant results. Laser whitening falls into this category. It is the most reliable, convenient and effective method of teeth whitening. On top of this, it causes no irritation or tooth sensitivity.

For patients with fillings and crowns, it is essential to note that traditional teeth whiteners do not work on crowns are coloured fillings. This is because of the variety of materials that the crowns come in are different from teeth. Most people would have had to change their filling crowns whenever they had their teeth whitened so that the colours could match.

Nevertheless, laser whitening has flipped the script and now patients can get their crowns whitened to their original colour. It is crucial to keep healthy dental hygiene and take care of your teeth and crowns. In any case, if one experiences staining, laser teeth whitening is the best solution to employ.


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