teeth whitening basicsIn this article we try and help to make teeth whitening simple.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is a process that whitens the teeth by removing it of stains within the tooths structure to affect a lightening of any discoloration present.

Tooth Discoloration – What is it?

the first thing is to distinguish between is it staining on the outside of the enamel or is it deep within the dentin?

• external stains caused by – coffee, tea, curries, smoking, beetroot, spicy sauce and certain fruit juices like grape and blackcurrant.

• internal stains: excessive fluoride (can happen during teeth formation), aging process, trauma to the tooth, nerve damage, tetracycline taken as a child (while teeth are developing)

Professional whitening methods such as the custom-made tray bleaching are likely to remove both internal and external stains. Many of the commercial toothpastes will only remove loose external staining.

Can everyone have their teeth whitened?

Virtually anybody can benefit from a zoom teeth whitening procedure. Some teeth whitening  may be less effective for some people depending on whether the colouration is staining or something else within the structure of tooth. Anyone whose teeth are stained by tetracycline may have challenges in achieving very white teeth.

Can Pregnant or Nursing Woman have teeth whitening?

Many of the top teeth whitening specialists agree that pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid any laser teeth whitening procedure.

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