Teeth Whitening and Quit Smoking

Teeth Whitening and Quit Smoking

One of things that really stains the teeth is smoking and with a laser teeth whitening treatment the colour of the teeth can be restored back to their former glory but when then?

After getting nice bright teeth many customers say that this will help motivate them to keep the teeth looking bright by giving up smoking as they want to maintain the results from laser whitening.

For people who cannot quit smoking at least you have the teeth re-whitened for only £99.00 with LA Teeth Whitening so no need to pay the full price.
One of the big benefits of  the laser teeth whitening system is takes just one hour to perform and you do not need repetitive treatments to get a great new smile.

A powerful combination of the laser light and the whitening gel is designed to release the staining and make the teeth look shiny and white once more.
Compared to the bleaching trays laser is much quicker and we do all the work…teeth whitening the easy way.

So if you smoke and you are thinking of having teeth whitening then call LA Teeth whitening today on 03300102065