teeth bleaching vs laser whitening

teeth bleaching vs laser whitening

A popular quote says that a smile is worth a thousand words, and teeth whitening allows many Americans to have that great smile. Good results come when patients’ teeth change from dark to a natural white color complementary to their situation. The fast results that can be obtained will show up in a couple of days rather than a few weeks. A person’s smile can have a heavy influence on so many things that teeth whitening to obtain a better smile can improve a person’s overall feeling. Teeth whitening have been known to minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles. 

For those who want instant results in getting white teeth need to get longer lasting teeth whitening. The best individuals who would benefit from teeth whitening are those who have yellow or brown staining on their teeth. Instant teeth whitening will help the patient to have no hassle when it comes to daily teeth whitening measures. Long results will be with those patients who do not smoke. Stains have been known to come from the frequent smoking of cigarettes and smoking after teeth whitening will cause new stains to come back much quicker. 

Refraining from drinks like coffee or tea will only prolong the long lasting results. Wine is also another beverage that can easily cause stains.

Longer Lasting Teeth Whitening

Another method of keeping long lasting whitening results is by brushing teeth frequently. Many of the drinks that stain teeth are the ones that are popular and are enjoyed on a daily basis. If one cannot refrain from these drinks, it would be best if after consuming a teeth staining drink to brush the teeth. Brushing frequently removes any recent residue that would cause future stains that need to be removed. Teeth sensitivity can also be controlled by keeping the teeth and gums as healthy as possible. 

Avoiding certain foods can also help with elongating the effects of whitening a person’s teeth. Without making a list, dark foods are usually the ones that leave the most stain residue on the enamel. Blackberries and strawberries are fruits that should be avoided if possible. The best way to make sure that teeth whitening last a long time is to keep the teeth and gums as healthy as possible. The minimum brushing regime is three times a day and remembering to floss twice a day. A beautiful white smile can seem endless and so are their benefits.

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