Should I have my teeth whitened before or after having braces?

You can have your teeth whitened before having braces, as some people do not like the colour of their teeth. However, we would advise you to wait until your braces are removed, to then have your teeth whitened. When one gets braces, the main aim is to straighten and align the teeth. Therefore, if  you get braces and your teeth aren’t straight, it’s possible that only the teeth that are “shown” will be whitened. When the re-allignment process has completed, you may discover that you have parts of your teeth that are not whitened on display. Therefore, it is better to seek laser whitening treatment once your braces have been removed.

Having braces also means you have to take extra care of your teeth. This includes brushing your teeth after every meal and regular flossing to prevent the build up of plaque. Some people find that due to poor oral hygiene that once their braces are removed, they are then left with stains on their teeth due to issues such as food being stuck in the braces. This is another reason why one may prefer to have their teeth whitened after having braces instead of prior to having their braces fitted.

Laser teeth whitening is perfect for solving the problems one may have with discolouration after your braces have been removed. The procedure is extremely safe and very effective. Laser teeth whitening means that you will achieve instant results, compared to other teeth whitening procedures where one may only see results after a long period of time. Due to the technology used one will experience little to no sensitivity. The procedure is non evasive and can last up to a long period of time, depending on your oral hygiene.

To conclude, you can have your teeth whitened prior to having braces. However, having your teeth whitened after having braces is more effective. You could even have your teeth whitened before and after having braces!


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