Protecting Teeth Enamel

Protecting Teeth Enamel

We all know that protecting your tooth enamel is vital in order to avoid cavities and other serious dental issues. What is considered less often is how poor dental hygiene and badly maintained enamel can cause the discolouration of your teeth, robbing you of your dazzling smile and ultimately damaging your self-confidence.

Open any magazine, turn on any TV channel, or pass any poster on the street and you will see that a gorgeous smile is one of the most popular and powerful advertising tools available. Not only does this demonstrate how influential a beautiful smile can be, it also creates an environment in which we are increasingly expected to have perfect teeth by those around us. At the same time, our modern lifestyles ensure we are constantly ingesting the foods and drinks which are most likely to stain and yellow our teeth. While good hygiene can prevent serious tooth decay, simply brushing and flossing is often not enough to reverse this yellowing process.

For a long time, the only answer was to turn to home-whitening products, such as toothpastes and chewing gums. Not only were these expensive and available only from poorly regulated marketplaces, consumers untrained in their proper application often failed to achieve optimum levels of whitening. In extreme cases, this could lead to uneven colouration and even damage the tooth enamel. Fortunately, savvy consumers can now enjoy professionally administered techniques that will protect enamel throughout the whitening process.

Laser-whitening procedures have enjoyed a boom in popularity over recent years because of their safety, affordability, and amazing results. Clients are given an initial consultation with specialists in order to determine the level of whitening required. The best practices are able to make teeth up to twelve shades lighter and ensure that whitening is spread throughout the mouth in a visually pleasing manner. The laser-whitening process itself only takes a couple of hours and the results can be seen for up to two years. This marks a vast improvement on home-whitening kits, both in terms of reducing the effort required by the customer and increasing the benefits they receive.

As well as protecting tooth enamel from the harmful acids that can cause decay, efforts to shield enamel against staining will surely became a central part of all dental maintenance regimes in the twenty-first century. Laser-whitening is the easiest and most effective solution to this widespread problem.

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