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LA Teeth is the brilliant new teeth whitening clinic – now available in your local area in Nottingham. Our skilled teeth whitening specialists are ready and waiting to brighten your teeth and your confidence with a fast, effective laser treatment.

Laser teeth whitening produces instant results – you will be able to smile with confidence after our quick and pain-free 60 minute treatment. You will no longer need to avoid smiling or hide from family photos, instead you can show off your whiter teeth on every occasion.

As you age, your teeth naturally become darker and stained. Our laser teeth whitening restores the bright, white colour of your youth. LA Teeth whitening trained staff are experts at ensuring that your teeth are whiter. Unlike many other clinics, we offer a whitening guarantee. During the consultation you can check to see how many shades lighter your teeth have become by consulting our shade guide.

Appointments are available at short notice and we also offer weekend and evening visits at no extra cost. Your local whitening consultants will ensure that the fast and easy laser treatment will leave you with whiter teeth – guaranteed.

In the past, teeth whitening was a messy and time consuming process – not any more.

LA Teeth are able to guarantee a whitening result after just a single 60 minute treatment in our Nottingham clinic. This means that in your lunchbreak, you could visit us and come away looking like a new person. You will be delighted with the overall effect.

Why Choose LA Teeth Whitening

•    Immediate results
•    Up to 10 shades brighter teeth
•    60 minute treatment
•    Fast appointments available
•    Guaranteed results
•    Low sensitivity
•    Latest powerful technology from the US

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So why wait? Call us now to book an appointment and see how quickly and easily you can benefit from a whiter, brighter smile. You will not need to wait for an appointment and will benefit from whiter teeth after just one 60 minute treatment.

LA Teeth Whitening - 1 hour - 1 instant Whiter - 1 new smile

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