Healthy gums are essential for holding and protecting teeth. It can be very disconcerting to suddenly find blood on your teeth, especially as many marketing campaigns highlight the issue. However, there are a very large number of possible causes of bleeding gums, some of which are easily preventable. Injury is of course one of the most common causes, though more commonly seen in children than in adults.

Injury can be caused by a surprising number of things and is not limited to simply a blow, as gums can be injured by aggressive tooth brushing, biting on something hard, improper flossing, and even from chemicals and acids in some medicines, foods and drinks. Other causes range from hormonal changes, reactions to certain medications, vitamin C or K deficiency, local infection, to the widely advertised problem of gum disease, and also other underlying medical problems. In additional to oral examination and advice by a healthcare professional, there are a number of easy steps most people can take to maintain good gum health.

Anyone who wants to prevent damage to their gums should avoid improper brushing such as brushing too hard and fast, or using an overly stiff toothbrush. Certain types of food are also best avoided such as chips and sticky chocolates, and stick instead to well-balanced nutritious meals. Good oral hygiene is a must, using mouth fresheners and regular cleaning to avoid the build up of plague deposits and the early identification of any problems.

Strong healthy gums are also balanced by strong healthy teeth. Laser teeth whitening, which is a fast, non evasive and safe procedure giving instant results and with low/no sensitivity greatly compliments the look and feel of strong healthy gums, and often encourages people to pay close attention and care to the health of their whole mouth.


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