More Than One Person

Teeth Whitening For More Than One Person

LA Teeth whitening offer some great deals on laser teeth whitening for more than one person at one of our clinics or performed in the comfort of your home at no additional cost.

Getting together a group of friends or family will result in the price of your teeth whitening treatment being lower as the group booking receives a huge discount.

For example book five people and the price is just £150 each this month that is saving of £79 per person and with LA Teeth future treatments for existing customers are only £99.00

We have just opened  new clinic in Coventry and Newbury in Berkshire but all of our clinics can be found on our homepage on our website.

The only condition to this offer is that everyone has their teeth whitening treatment on the same day.

For the ultimate in convenience we can undertake the treatment at your home as sometimes organising friends and family to meet at home is easier to organise than one of the clinics. A home treatment is performed by the same people, same equipment and is the same price as having is undertaken in one of the clinics.

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