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Bright Smile guaranteed LA Teeth whitening system always works and we can guarantee we can achieve a minimum of 4-6 shades whiter with many customers experiencing up to 12 shades lighter using the Vita shade guide.

Local Convenience LA Teeth whitening Leicester is conveniently located just off the junction with the M1 and M69 Motorways

Leicester is ideally located for Leicester,Loughborough, Melton Mowbray, Market Harborough, and Hinkley How to book an appointment

On the same day as the appointment we will arrange a consultation and if both parties are happy we will proceed with the laser teeth whitening treatment on the same day. After the treatment we will compare the results again using the Vita guide.

Book with friends and family to receive a huge discount If you are interested in having your teeth whitened in our Leicester clinic then why not organise bringing a friend or family member with you as LA Teeth Whitening offer amazing deals. See our current monthly special offers.


Why Choose LA Teeth Whitening

Get the latest LASER TEETH WHITENING treatment direct from the USA now available in Leicester.

So if you have stained teeth why not have our amazing one hour laser whitening treatment to enhance your smile to show the whitest results in just one appointment at our clinic in Leicester


LA Teeth whitening specialist only in laser teeth whitening and have clinics all over the UK. Unlike some of our competitors who other beauty treatment we only undertake the LASER teeth whitening system.

A Teeth Whitening - 1 hour - 1 instant Whiter - 1 new smile

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