Laser whitening involves the application of whitening gel to the teeth and later directing a special light. The gel is activated by the light and this result in sparkling white teeth. The technology works for all people with various reasons of yellow teeth. These include the smokers, chemical reactions caused by the type of food or drink used and those people with natural yellow teeth. It has become imperative to have glooming teeth in order to gain confidence and to achieve a bright smile.

This procedure delivers impressive and guaranteed results compared to the previous teeth whitening methods like the use of harsh abrasives. According to many, it is effective and gives out the desired whitened teeth.

On the other hand, zoom whitening uses solution which is applied on teeth and later exposed to zoom light. The light used is mercury metal halide light which is warm and purple in color. This is done in a zoom light activated system.

People would prefer a method which is not associated with negative effects. Laser whitening procedure is the most assured and safe method because it does not injure the gums or the teeth.

The procedure is fast gaining popularity around the globe and it is highly adopted at a faster rate. One can have his/her teeth whitened in thirty minutes to an hour time. It does not take much time thus it does not inconvenience those with tight schedules. The results are also instant as compared to other methods. It ensures low or non sensitivity since after the treatment, one cannot be asked to avoid certain foods because of sensitivity. The procedure is regarded to be non evasive. This is because the laser light is able to access each and every part of the teeth thus avoiding patches and ensures uniform whitening. From the two procedures, laser whitening offers the best outcomes.


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