1. Laser White For Ever Bright

If you are thinking that Laser teeth whitening is not possible to have done regularly you would be mistaken as many of our customers at LA Teeth whitening will have top up treatments for just £99.00 each time.

By looking at laser teeth whitening as a long term thing you can keep the teeth really white and beautiful without paying for complete treatments every 12,18 or 24 months.

Laser whitening is really effective and works every time to life off the stains caused by everyday staining like tea, coffee, red wine, cola, curries, gravy and much much more in our diets.

Managing the future staining

It is a fact the teeth will start to re-stain in the future but making sure you have regular laser sessions the teeth’s colour will be maintained and optimised to their whitest condition.

No research conducted has proven the teeth are harmed in any way and we take great care to protect the gums and the soft tissues in the mouth…the result bright teeth and an enjoyable experience.

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