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london teeth whiteningThere is a close correlation between tooth color and age. Over time, teeth darken as a answer of wear and tear and stains accumulate. Customers will experience instant results from teeth whitening in London from LA Teeth. In the twenties, as the teeth commence to show a yellow staining and then laser teeth whitening is the ideal solution.

By the time you get to your forties, more maintenance may be called for.  By the time we get our fifties, the teeth have had lots of staining that is deep in the teeth.

We desire to share with you the many aspects that this important subject has to present you.

We are all equipped with an inherited tooth shade that we tend to get when we age and intensifies over time.

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While all teeth show some transparancy some that are dense and thick and they appear lighter in shade which show more shine and are responsive to whitening. Some Teeth that are slighter thinner and more see through or transparant are the most notably the front teeth that have minus of the shade that is crucial for maximum results.

There are the obvious stainers like tea, smoking and cola but there is also some acidic foods such as  liquid citrus fruit,vinegar and others contribute to enamel corrosion. As an effect, the tooth becomes more transparent and more of the yellow-painted dentin shows through.

Nicotine plants brownish deposits which slowly immerse into the tooth shape and cause intrinsic discoloration.

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