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Treat Yourself to a new Whiter Smile

With day to day tasks taking a toll on your teeth if its from drinking tea and coffee or its from general ageing then why not invest in that beautiful white smile. Everyone has different hair colours and this is also the same with teeth, everyone’s teeth are a different shade and this can be caused by many different factors including factors in childhood for example particular medication or the bad eating habits earlier in life.

Studies show people focus on the eyes and mouth when someone is speaking, you can work out in the gym and wear an expensive outfit but not having pearly whites can have an impact physiologically. If you have a job and speaking is a part of this you may find it difficult to stand up in front of people if your self esteem is low. Its time to put teeth whitening on your to do list and treat yourself by improving your self image.

L.A Teeth Whitening now has a clinic located in Portsmouth offering a professional affordable service with excellent customer service and we now also offer flexible appointments in the evenings and at the weekends to suit your lifestyle. Our previous customers have recommended L.A Teeth Whitening to their friends and family helping our client based greatly because customers are so pleased with the results. The whole process takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes from the initial consolation to the laser treatment and a consolation afterwards, you will leave with a new smile as results are instant.

Smile Clinic Portsmouth

There are a number of reasons why your life will be changed significantly if you have a teeth whitening treatment carried out. These include a boost in self confidence, self esteem and much more. First impressions are very important and your teeth are one of the first things on show when you meet people, a lot of people decide to get a teeth whitening treatment for an important event in their life such as a job interview or a wedding. People feel more confident in themselves with a beautiful smile when initially meeting someone new as they feel they have made a positive first impression. Some people would like to look a bit younger and a beautiful smile can take a few years off a persons appearance. There isn’t just the physical benefits of teeth whitening the physiological ones are important too, helping people think of themselves better. Further studies show that smiling improves your mood as you will be happy with your teeth you will smile more triggering endorphins chemicals in our body making you happier. Unlike cosmetic surgery teeth whitening is a lot safer as surgery isn’t required and with virtually no recovery time required seems a better way to improve your appearance rather than going under the knife.

Overall dentists have noticed that people who get their teeth whitened actually improve their oral hygiene, encouraging people to brush more regularly and floss. As good oral hygiene improves your overall health this is the biggest advantage of the process.

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