Is laser teeth whitening more painful than Zoom teeth whitening?

Laser whitening is actually a general term that refers to teeth whitening by use of high-intensity light sources. The work of the laser is actually to speed up the reaction of the teeth whitening gel. On the other hand, zoom whitening generally refers to in-office teeth whitening. A source of light is not needed in zoom whitening. Instead, specialists use high-concentrated whitening solutions to meet their patient’s needs.

Is laser whitening less painful than zoom teeth whitening? Zoom uses whitening gels that are strong and cause tooth pain. The gel must be concentrated for better results. The zoom has high sensitivity compared to laser teeth whitening. . Specialists are forced to use high concentrated but safe whitening solutions in order to satisfy the needs of their clients. This means that you will have to bear with the pain if you choose zoom teeth whitening but not so with LA Teeth whitening.

Little or no pain is experienced with laser teeth whitening. This is because the process uses light that fastens the procedure to minimise pain. Zoom whitening specialist usually give their patients pain killers prior to the procedure. This is to help reduce the excess pain.

Other specialists recommend the home whitening kits to those people who do not need instant results. They also use less concentrated gels, which gives long-term results. For low or no sensitivity, prefer laser teeth whitening.

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