As we partake our day to day lives, what we eat and drink affect our bodies and most importantly our teeth. Some drinks like coffee and strong tea may discolour our teeth and make them have a shade darker than the normal and this could really lower the confidence of most people. There are various ways of teeth whitening. One of them is zoom and the other laser. Zoom has been declared to have bad side effects on the patient on whom it’s performed.
 Swollen lips and gums and a painful mouth are just but a few. Most patients who have had a zoom procedure can have a laser whitening procedure as soon as they are completely healed from the side effects.

Laser treatment is done through cosmetic laser treatments that effectively penetrate the tooth and brighten it.
The laser tooth whitening is better as compared to the zoom process. This is because patients that have gone through zoom have had cases of swollen and blistered gums and lips. Laser is safe and very effective. The laser procedure has been declared the most effective tooth whitening procedure as it can be done really fast and has instant results.

The procedure is safe as it is done by a professional.
 People who have gone through laser treatment have had low or no sensitivity as compared to those who had a zoom procedure. This treatment is non-evasive and is thereby declared safe. From the above, anyone who has had a zoom has enough reasons to have a laser tooth treatment.


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