You should see your dentist regularly to maintain good dental hygiene. On your visit you will be advised how often you should attend check-ups depending on your individual dental health and requirements, with patients generally advised to book appointments for 6 month or 12 month check-ups.

Though it can be intimidating to think about, there are a number of reasons that will make your visit a worthwhile and positive decision. Any concerns can be identified before they become problems requiring treatment, such as if you aren’t cleaning your teeth as well as you could be, you can be shown techniques and advised on products that will help in the future.

You will also be able to seek advice on any questions or concerns that you have – for example if you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth and want to know more about teeth whitening. This is a growing area of consideration as we witness the examples of celebrities and professionals who are often outspoken about such treatment and the benefits to their confidence and even their success. Most people would like to be proud of their teeth, but unfortunately a natural white smile is impossible for many because of individual tooth colouring or staining caused by any number of factors, such as diet or smoking.

Information and advice you might have otherwise been unaware of will be given at your visit. You might be under the impression that teeth whitening is limited to pastes used over months and with questionable results, but a specialist can tell you about new and better treatments such as laser whitening. Laser whitening uses gels specifically chosen for the look you wish to achieve, and the technique takes only an hour to provide guaranteed results. Established in the USA for ten years, the procedure is now available in many UK clinics and is performed by trained and certified specialists.

Having good dental health and seeking advice about concerns and treatments will give you more confidence. The more confident you are about your teeth, the happier you will be – and everyone knows that happiness is best shown by a nice bright smile.


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