Do I need to stop drinking tea after the treatment?

Having white teeth makes you proud to smile – and we all know how good smiling is for us! Getting the “film star” look makes us happier and full of confidence.  With laser teeth whitening this opportunity is open to us all. The procedure is fast – just one 90 minute session with a specialist gives instant results and will see you leaving the clinic with an award winning smile.

A common question is “can I drink tea after this procedure?” The simple answer is – not straight away! For at least 48 hours (and if possible 72 hours) it is best to stay away from anything that could cause staining on your teeth. This includes many items such as tea (black & green), coffee, cola, red wine and smoking. You should also avoid fruit such as blueberries and blackberries. As a simple guide if you spilt some on your clean, white table cloth and it would cause a stain – then do not eat or drink for a few days. To be on the safe side it is best to follow a white food diet for this time.

Keep to items like chicken, rice, boiled potatoes and water, and if you want an alcoholic drink then choose a white wine or clear liquid such as gin or vodka (but be careful of the mixer you choose).  After this you are able to drink tea but try to cut down on any foods that cause staining and remember to use a good, whitening toothpaste to maintain your beautiful smile!


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