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There are many great aspects to cost of laser teeth whitening which we will review carefully so that you may get the most from it.

Laser teeth whitening is a method of removing stains with a gel & laser light. The whitening gel is made with whitening agents and it is guaranteed gentle treatment for most teeth which is why the treatment is so popular in the UK.

The LASER route takes a small amount of time with the typical time taking less than 60 minutes. The machinery when the laser blasts light to start the whitening gel and becuase to this, the oxygen inserts in the tooth’s enamel and the dentin to whiten the teeth and eliminate the stains. With the treatment the results are up  to as much as eight shades more whiter than non-laser tooth whitening systems.

The laser method promises no or nominal discomfort. People with very sensitive teeth LA Teeth have various options to ensure the best resukts without high levels of sensitivity.

Laser teeth whitening results are long-lasting. Undergoing the remedy entitles patients to a teeth whitening gel for after care maintenance and frequent top up treatments. However, the tasks of maintaining good oral hygiene practice and avoiding foods that initiate yellowing and staining of the teeth would do greatly to keep outcome fresher and longer.

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