LA Teeth – Laser teeth whitening Cambridge - Teeth whitening in just 1 hour with instant results!

Like many of the latest cosmetic dentistry treatment our system originated from Beverley Hills in the USA and is now available in Cambridge.

If you have stained and discoloured teeth then accept that when you can have a dream smile with just one treatment, one hour and at a great price.

Laser whitening will gently whiten the teeth back to their original colouration in just 1 hour and it works every time – we guarantee that!
On the day of the appointment in Cambridge we will perform a full consultation and during this we will show on the VITA shade guide your current teeth’s colour and what we would expect the teeth to change to. This way we can show you the likely outcome before you have the treatment done.

After the treatment we give a free home kit. This is designed to keep the amazing results obtained from laser teeth whitening and we typically recommend using the kit for 30 minutes once every six to eight weeks. A powerful combination of the laser treatment with the home kit will keep the teeth looking whiter for longer.

LA Teeth whitening specialise only in laser teeth whitening Cambridge and therefore you can expect a truly fantastic experience. This is why most of our business is from recommendations from existing clients.

Why Choose LA Teeth Whitening

LA Teeth Whitening Cambridge – Whiter smiles in just ones hour

  • Comfortable and relaxing teeth whitening clinic
  • Late evenings and weekend appointments at no additional cost
  • Whitening by trained teeth whitening professionals – LA Teeth whitening specialize in only laser whitening treatments
  • Excellence in service every time
  • One appointment taking 90 minutes including the consultation
  • Guaranteed and instant results

LA Teeth Whitening - 1 hour - 1 instant Whiter - 1 new smile​