Bleeding gums when i brush my teeth

Bleeding gums when i brush my teeth

In the modern world, the first impression is very important. However, one only has one opportunity to create it.

There is nothing that complements a first impression better than a nice smile. For a smile to be memorable, teeth need to be white. Any other colour that is not white lowers the value of your smile. Whitening teeth using laser technology is safe; furthermore, you do not have to worry about bleeding gums when brushing your teeth after undergoing this procedure.

Most of the procedures for bleaching teeth exert excessive pressure on the gums. Consequently, the gums are weakened, leading to bleeding gums when you brush your teeth. You see, laser teeth whitening starts with covering the gums with gel or rubber to prevent any damage that may occur. After covering the gums, the specialist applies a whitening agent on teeth then laser rays are directed at the teeth. Light rays increase penetration of the bleaching agent and ensure teeth are evenly whitened.
Unlike traditional teeth whitening procedures, laser teeth whitening is fast. You only need to spare about 45 minutes to 1 hour for that perfect smile.

Traditional methods demand several visits to the specialist for the treatment to be complete; furthermore, this service will only whiten your teeth for about 12-24 months, after which you will need to visit your specialist for a top up treatment. On the other hand, laser teeth whitening is a one time procedure that will last for years.

No matter how hard or regularly you brush your teeth, it will only remove the stains that are on the surface. Those stains deeply embedded in teeth will only come out after bleaching. However, like brushing, most whitening methods do not whiten teeth evenly. Laser teeth whitening, on the other hand, will whiten teeth evenly and with the same shade of white.

You do not need to visit teeth whitening experts for the sole purpose of bleaching your teeth; you can visit them for advice on how to keep them white. Furthermore, you need to follow the advice of your LA Teeth whitening expert to avoid developing bleeding gums when brushing your teeth. For a quality service, confirm that your service provider is registered.

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