Bleeding gums after flossing

Bleeding gums are usually, but not necessarily, a sign of dental health problems.  Firstly, bleeding gums after flossing can occur because the gums are not familiar with the routine, or because the flossing is not being done correctly. Secondly, flossing, which should be done on a regular basis, should be a gentle action.  Flossing too hard can cut the gums and cause them to bleed.

It is best to learn the proper way to floss, as an incorrect procedure will in all likelihood fail to remove bacteria and plague.  Bacteria and plague not only cause cavities in your teeth, but also cause gum disease.  Sore, swollen and / or bleeding gums are the main signs of the onset of gingivitis and the more serious periodontal gum disease.  Besides flossing, which can cause bleeding gums, there are other reasons for bleeding gums such as stress, which leads to high levels of the hormone cortisol that causes inflammation in the body including the gums, chemotherapy treatments and in females, bleeding can occur during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause.

Due to poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, discolouration and staining is now more prevalent than ever before. The reason for discolouration and staining is multi faceted.  There are however two types of stains; intrinsic and extrinsic.  Intrinsic staining can be caused by trauma to the teeth, dental fillings, genetics, ageing and certain drugs such as tetracyclines.  Extrinsic staining can be caused by smoking, bad oral habits and the excessive consumption of certain foods and drinks such as berries, curry, coffee, tea, red wine etc.  Laser teeth whitening is an affordable, painless way to get rid of the unsightly discolouration and staining on teeth.  Laser teeth whitening does not actually make use of lasers, but uses a light-activated system.

Results are excellent and last up to eighteen months.  Some sensitivity may occur in certain people for a couple of hours post treatment.  The results are immediate and being able to flash a smile will certain boost the confidence of everyone who might have been embarrassed to smile due to ugly teeth stains and discoloration.  To cap it all, the actual process is relatively quick and lasts for about an hour, however, an additional 30 minutes will be required to complete the pre-consultation.

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