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Have years of drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes took their toll on your once pearly whites? Do you want your smile to shine like the celebrities in Hollywood? Get your teeth whitened with LA Teeth in Birmingham and we can give you a set of teeth to be proud of.

LA Teeth Whitening Prices Birmingham

We make gettting your teeth whitened in Birmingham affordable and cost effective in the short and medim term.

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Why choose LA Teeth Birmingham?
If you live in Birmingham and have been thinking about having your teeth whitened, stop delaying and come to LA teeth. Our team of professionals are friendly and specialised only in teeth whitening. The whole treatment takes one hour, it is very straight forward and you will see results instantly. Your teeth can get much brighter and lighter, and teeth whitening also reduces the effects of aging, how’s that for a result?

We are very flexible and will try to fit an appointment around your requirements, we also have evening and weekend appointments. We also provide treatment in your own home, if that’s what you prefer and it would make a more relaxing environment for you.

Why choose LA Teeth Whitening Birmingham?

We provide you with:

• A comfortable, friendly environment

• Quick treatment – takes 60 minutes (90 with consultation)

• Instant results, with teeth up to 12 shades lighter

• Flexible appointments

Nothing gives you a confidence boost like having your teeth whitened, it really can make you a happier person and improve your life for the better. Your teeth is the first thing that people

LA Teeth Whitening - 1 hour - 1 instant Whiter - 1 new smile