Are Bleaching Trays Better Than Laser or Zoom Whitening

There are several teeth whitening techniques being adopted depending on the nature of the problem, the time on hand and budgets. While laser or Zoom whitening is undertaken with the help of trained professionals and the results are immediately visible at the end of a two-hour whitening session, bleaching trays yield results only in the long run.  It is to be noted that all whitening techniques are bound to give the same results in the long run, it is the short-term perspective that one needs to confront.

Laser and Zoom Whitening

Laser whitening process usually involves preliminary polishing of the teeth, at the end of which a whitening gel is applied onto the teeth after adequately covering the gums and lips. The gel is then activated using laser or any other bright light source that cause the gel to clean up all stains on the surface of the teeth. Zoom whitening is carried out with the help of an electronic device intended for the purpose and is also quite efficient giving almost instant results.

Bleaching Trays

The main point of concern as far as bleaching trays are concerned is the usability factor associated with the technique. Wearing bleaching trays for about say over an hour each for over two weeks can be problematic with other daily tasks to be addressed, especially if employed. Saliva buildup in the mouth over the entire duration is another practical problem to be dealt with. At times one may also have to use the bleaching tray overnight which is sure to interrupt the normal sleeping pattern. Quite a few other discomforts and side effects too are bound to arise with the continuous use of bleaching trays for 15 days in a row. Those opting for bleaching trays will have to deal with abstaining from coffee, tea and other food stuff that tend to stain the teeth and also stop smoking during the entire course of the treatment.

In practice, there is no one best way for a perfect set of white teeth. Each method of whitening has its own set of positives and negatives. Health issues, timelines, budgets and ability to handle discomforts will have to be considered before deciding on a suitable method.


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