Imagine walking in our to one of our teeth whitening clinics with yellow stained teeth and one hour later walking out with noticeably brighter teeth well you can with LA Teeth Whitening.

Laser whitening takes just one hour and has a big positive impact on your smile making the teeth look more attractive and healthy in the process.
Our clinics are based all over the UK so it is unlikely you need to travel far!

During the consultation we show your current shade with the Vita shade guide and then give you an indication of how the teeth should look after the whitening treatment. Typically you can expect the change to be somewhere between 5-12 shades lighter.

The teeth also look more shiny after the laser teeth whitening treatment and this alone will make the teeth look healthier and more balanced in their appearance.

So to arrange an appointment for a whiter smile then call us today on 03300102065

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