1 Hour teeth whitening – LA Teeth Whitening

1 Hour teeth whitening

LA Teeth offer the 1 hour teeth whitening system from LA Smile known as Laser teeth whitening.

This will brighten the tooth’s enamel in just one treatment time and keep the teeth looking bright for around 18-24 months.

Customers love the fact the results are instant and it is so quick to change the teeth from a yellowish colour back to their former colour white. The teeth change colour over a period of some years and with 1 hour teeth whitening this can transform the smile instantly and without costing a fortune.

LA Teeth specialise only in 1 hour teeth whitening since 2007 and therefore are in good hands!

We also include a FREE home kit included with every treatment so this combined with the laser whitening will ensure the results last longer. Or you can choose a top up treatment with LA Teeth Whitening for just £99 after the initial treatment.

So if you are looking for fast, powerful, safe, teeth whitening – 1 hour teeth whitening from LA Teeth!